A mention of “tethers” recently occurred in a conversation with Chris Coniaris, my friend and yoga teacher. Chris lives a rigorously simple, mostly untethered life. I admire his spartan ethic. A tether is typically considered a limitation, something that ties one down and restricts range of movement. In its most restrictive application, it’s incarceration. FreeContinue reading “Tethers”

What Makes My Journey Interesting?

Why would anyone read my blog? Borrowing a phrase from peace activist Wavy Gravy, I’m just another “Bozo on the bus.” I’m just a guy with a dog who wants to see what life is like outdoors on the road. However, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who, upon hearing my plans haveContinue reading “What Makes My Journey Interesting?”

Welcome to My Blog

Hello. This is Jimmy Lewis. I’m in Memphis, Tennessee. My golden doodle, Lola and I are leaving on a North American tour in May, 2021. We’ll be traveling in a 2021 Jayco Melbourne 24L motorhome. We have neither time constraints nor precise destination specifications. We’ll spend May in Virginia, North and South Carolina, and thenContinue reading “Welcome to My Blog”